Author's Information

Clifford N. Opurum, Ph.D., MCIT, is an assistant professor of economics at The City University of New York, and a visiting associate professor of management at Pratt Institute. He has also taught economics at two campuses of the State University of New York (SUNY New Paltz and FIT SUNY). He previously taught courses in business administration, management and urban community.

Dr. Opurum holds a diploma (BA Hons.) in transport studies, an MS in transportation management, an MA in economics, an MS in transportation planning and engineering, and a PhD in transport studies. His earlier publication, “Globalization and Regional Integration: the ECOWAS Model,” was published as chapter 16 in “Globalization of Business: Theories and Strategies for Tomorrow’s Managers,” first edition, Adonis and Abbey, London, October 2008.

From 1991 to 1993, he authored the New York Metropolitan Area Regional Transportation Status Report as the project manager for the New York–New Jersey–Connecticut Tristate Regional Transportation and Demographics Monitoring Project at the New York Metropolitan Transportation Council of the New York State Department of Transportation.

He was a member of the New York City Transportation Task Force and Senior Citizens Transportation Advisory Committee (1988–91), which designed and implemented the New York City premier Paratransit Program (Access a Ride). He is also a corporate member of the Chartered Institute of Transport; member, the British Institute of Management; member, Institute of Transportation Engineers; associate member, Institute of Transportation Administration; and member, Society for the Advancement of Management.